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How Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Superior Than Conventional HT Therapy

According to an estimation, it has been seen that 33 % of women are presently undergoing treatment for the efficient management of menopause symptoms. The treatment that they are using for this purpose is bio-identical hormone therapy in place of FDA-approved hormone therapy. There are several reasons to choose CBHT over traditional HRT treatment. Let us learn about them in detail.

What are bio-identical hormones?

Bioidenticals are basically a type of hormone that is derived from plants. It can also be synthetically manufactured or modified to bear a similar chemical structure that is exhibited by naturally produced hormones in the body. A bio-identical hormone may also comprise of FDA-permitted hormone products.

In what different types is bio-identical hormone treatment prescribed by doctors?

Bioidentical hormone therapy is prescribed in the form of patches, capsules, sublingual lozenges, vaginal suppositories, and creams. All of these methods are safe and effective in giving relief to a woman in her menopausal symptoms.

CBHT makes use of different amounts of dosage of estradiol, estriol, estrone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone and progesterone, which are tailored to meet the varying needs of individual users. The above products can be obtained from a compounding pharmacist after presenting a valid prescription of your healthcare provider.

What are the reasons for women to prefer CBHT treatment?

It was found that HT increased risks related to breast cancer, and heart disease in a person. It significantly lowered chances of bone fracture, osteoporosis and colorectal cancer. Many of the women were concerned about these risks so they chose bioidenticals. Women accredited their fondness for CBHT as these drugs are natural and manufactured from plant-based products.

Another reason is that products used in bio-identical therapy were an exact match to their own hormones. Also, women who used CBHT therapy experienced that a little dose of the hormones used in this therapy provided them good results that were sufficient to accomplish their treatment objectives.

As a result of the study performed on people who used bio-identical hormones, it was found that nearly 81% of the users had already tried soy and herbal supplements, but didn’t experience significant relief from menopause symptom that CBHT provided them.


So, these are some reasons why bio-identical hormone therapy has gained a lot of popularity among women.  To get the best benefits out of this treatment in a safe way, it is advised to get it performed under proper guidance and supervision of a knowledgeable and competent doctor.

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