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Did You Know that Stem Cell Therapy Cures Foot and Ankle too? Here’s what you Should Know

Foot and ankle pain can significantly affect your life. It hampers you from enjoying the activities to the best of your abilities. Usually, this pain is associated with a more particular condition. So, in order to address this, you need to consult a qualified specialist to check your condition and then discuss the treatments. Hence, this gave rise to foot and ankle pain relief with stem cells therapy. Here is what you should know.

Stem cell therapy is a process where your own body cells are used for healing the issues. A professional will extract the stem cells from your bone marrow and then injects it again onto the affected area. These cells are very helpful in body regeneration rapidly, supporting quicker recovery. If the therapy goes successful, the patient may feel alleviated from the pain and increase in mobility as well.

Mostly, the stem therapy is done post surgery. This supports speedy recovery for the patients on the basis of his case. This treatment also comes in handy when it comes to treatment for arthritis. Normally, a specialist will determine if the methods to be applied should be surgical or non-surgical and then the injections are determined on this basis.

If you want to undergo stem cell therapy post surgery or treatment, then you need to make an appointment with your doctor. They will determine your specific needs and plan out or course for effective treatment. If you don’t have such specialists, then feel free to get in touch with us today. We will make sure to match your needs with the closest proximity. Keep in mind that ankle and foot pain is a separate issue, so here you will need separate solutions as well. An average adult walks 4000 to 6000 steps in a day and your doctor will help you take every step ahead with no pain. Your crusade to recovery begins with the first appointment, so never take your health for granted and take this initiative.

Additional benefits of stem cell therapy

  1. It effectively treats orthopedic injuries
  2. It is also helpful in treating cardiovascular diseases
  3. It helps in healing wounds and incisions
  4. It also helps in treating neurogenerative disorders
  5. It also helps in overcoming immune rejection diseases like diabetes
  6. It holds potential for curing multiple sclerosis as well.

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