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Cupping Therapy: Does It Work?

Some evidence shows that cupping therapy may have some benefits to human health. This kind of therapy is a traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern practice used for treating different conditions. It includes place cups at some points on the skin. The therapist creates suction in the cups that pulls against the skin.

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Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Cupping is said to work by creating hyperemia or hemostasis around the skin of the patient. Thus, it increases or decreases the blood flow under the cups. Also, it has been associated with acupoints on the body which are central to the acupuncture practice. A lot of medical practitioners consider cupping therapy complementary therapy. Thus, a lot of them do not recognize it as a part of Western medicine. However, this doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Researchers have linked this therapy with different health benefits.

Cupping for Athletes

As athletes look for ways to naturally improve their health and performance, they have turned to cupping. Cupping is often used in conjunction with other treatment for relieving stiffness and helping address back injuries. However, cupping is not only for very active individuals and movie stars. It is highly beneficial for everybody.

Cupping for Relieving Many Health Conditions

A lot of people opt for cupping therapy to get relief from the pain over drug therapy. Some studies show evidence that this therapy can be effective in treating back pain and neck pain. The patient will often feel a tight sensation in the area of the cup. Usually, such a sensation is relaxing and soothing. Depending on the patient’s comfort and the evaluation of the problem, the therapist may move the cups around or left in place. The cups are left on the body briefly or for longer amounts of time. Every treatment is unique to the patient on that day.

Moreover, cupping can also work for patients with colds, flu, muscle pain, back pain, anxiety, poor circulation, and other health conditions. It works by helping in the removal of toxins from the body and stimulating the flow of new blood, Qi, and lymph to the affected area and throughout the patient’s body.

It is just important to understand that cupping is not recommended on patients who tend to blood easily and cannot stop bleeding, have edema, and have skin ulcers. Also, pregnant women must be cupped with caution and not on their abdomen or lower back.

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