Yes! Health Can Help You Build Wealth

As you can see on the header of my blog, my tagline is “Protecting Health, Building Wealth.” What is that all about you ask? Why not “Building Health, Protecting Wealth? Why do we need to protect our health and what has this got to do with building wealth at all?  Hmmm, good questions!  Let me explain.

Before I begin, it is important for you to know that I have actually witnessed both my mom and my dad take their final breathes on this planet as result of cancer, which in both cases, I believe were preventable, not the cancer, the result of having it.  And secondly, I would be in a much better place financially if I had the creativity, open-mindedness and energy I have today that is necessary to lead, grow and maintain a dynamic organization in today’s global economy.

Why Protecting Health?

Generally speaking, when coaching clients, we encourage the use of the lens of abundance, scarcity can be a limiting belief and we often witness a change in energy when we look at a challenge from this perspective.  However, in the context of our health, we don’t have an endless supply; in fact, our time on this wonderful planet is indeed limited.  Approximately 25% of the North American population is considered active (active being defined as a half hour of activity per day, 7 days a week) it is fairly obvious to most professionals in the health and wellness industry that most of us tend to think of our health as limitless.  In other words, our health is being taken for granted, not only that, people believe that they are healthy because of the absence of poor health, a very poor strategy.

So, why not protect your health with appropriate exercise, nutrition and wellness habits that support a long and productive life?  It takes a creative mind and lots of energy to build wealth and lead, why wouldn’t you exercise and eat right to support that? Why not enjoy the wealth you have accumulated over time with the energy, passion and creativity you were born with?  Why not enjoy the company of family and friends outside of traditional holiday gatherings with group activities like walks, golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, hiking etc.

The great thing about the human body is that it’s never too late to start. Your body will always respond to activity, good nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.  And just as importantly, it’s never too early to start.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle in your teens or twenties ensures you will continue until you are old and grey.  Activity does for health what compounding interest does for money; it helps grow it by leaps and bounds over time and before you know it, there is plenty to go around, especially for those rainy days.

Why Building Wealth?

And when it comes to executives, business owners and entrepreneurs, the “I don’t have time for this, I don’t need this, I am perfectly healthy, this won’t happen to me, I am superwoman, I must focus on my business” attitude is kicked up a notch.  The notion that we have this innate capability of “compartmentalizing” is one of the characteristics we contribute to our success, it is the very reason why most of us need even more awareness/education and coaching around the idea that health and wealth are not mutually exclusive.   In fact, I can easily argue that a healthier executive and the organizations they lead are more successful, more creative, more productive and more leader like than the health neglecting/take it for granted colleague and competitor.

I will once again quote the Dalai Lama, when asked about what surprised him the most about humanity, answered:

 Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.  Then he sacrifices his money in order to recuperate his health.  And then he is so anxious about his future that he does not enjoy the present, the result being that he does not live in the present or the future.  He lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.

I always enjoy feedback, it is such an important tool for learning and making adjustments that no matter how positive or negative it can be, it’s all good, really.  So, feel free to comment on what you just read and share your thoughts about the whole idea of linking health and wealth.

We become what we think about!

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