What’s your 200-year plan?

Here is a thought provoking TED Talk by the future minded Indian artist Raghava KK entitled “What’s your 200-year plan?”  As coaches, we always encourage and support our clients in setting goals.  I believe there are some good takeaways, especially about the idea of creativity being our greatest gift to ourselves and the wonderful planet we live in. Please check it out!

Here is the link to the video : What’s your 200-year plan?

As usual, here are some questions that come to my mind as I reflect on what I just viewed:

What is my takeaway? What really resonates? What is that golden nugget I can use going forward?

What did I disagree with?  What wasn’t so clear? Why?

Would I create a 200-year plan for myself or my organization?  What would be the benefit of creating such a plan?  What would be the challenges?

Would I like to add an “expiry date” to any current limiting belief, habit or attitude?

As always, I do appreciate your comments.

We become what we think about.


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