Weight Loss Myths and Facts: Skipping Meals is a Good Way to Lose Weight

Meal Times Myth 1B: Skipping Meals is a Good Way to Lose Weight

Myth = Actually, research shows that people who skip meals are more likely to be heavier than those who eat three or more meals a day.This appears to especially true for those who skip a healthy breakfast each morning.

When you skip a meal and go on for long periods of time without eating, your body’s metabolism will slow down.  To be even more specific and a little technical, sorry gang, its your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) that slows, that’s the energy the body consumes/uses to keep all involuntary body processes functioning when a person is at physical, emotional and digestive rest.  Processes such as breathing, blood circulation, nervous system function, maintaining body temperature and excretion of body wastes.  Your Basal Metabolic Rate is about 60% to 70% of you bodies total energy needs, while Physical Activity averages 20% to 30% and Dietary Thermogenesis (or “thermic effect of food“) is the energy required to digest your food, this makes up about 10%.  

So, keep your BMR up by not skipping meals, especially breakfast!

My Personal Non-Scientific Common Sense  Tip:  I understand you lead a busy life, I sort of get that, so, if you can’t get away with not skipping a meal due to time constraints, then skip dinner and commit to eating a healthy breakfast each morning.  In fact, eat most of your calories in the morning and early to mid afternoon.

And as always, I look forward to your feedback and words of wisdom.

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I have your back, we become what we think about!

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