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Myths and Facts To Successful Weight Loss:Eating After 8:00 p.m. Causes Weight Gain

Meal Times Myth 1C: Eating After 8:00 p.m. Causes Weight Gain 

Myth = It does not matter what time of day you eat.  It is what and how much you eat and how much physical activity you do during the whole day that determines whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight.  No matter when you eat, your body will store extra calories as fat. Continue reading

Weight Loss Myths and Facts: Eat Many Small Meals Rather Than Three Big Meals

Meal Times Myth 1A: Eat Many Small Meals Rather Than Three Big Meals

Debate = Many small meals, as opposed to three meals, is supposed to enhance weight loss by making you feel full for longer.  In a technical sense, this is supposed to prevent blood glucose from dipping low in between meals, which may cause you to become
hungry and overeat during the next main meal. Continue reading

Words of Wisdom Wednesdays

Cover of "8,789 Words of Wisdom"
Cover of 8,789 Words of Wisdom

Yes, it’s “Words of Wisdom Wednesday” where I literally take a proverb, phrase or quote from the book entitled “8,789 Words of Wisdom” by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Workman Publishing Company, Inc. that seems to resonate for me that day and explain what it means for me.

Today’s phrase is: Don’t wait for the ideal time to begin something!

For me, this phrase is about taking action and implementing change.  For those of us who want to start a business, reorganize a company, implement a new computer system, learn to play the guitar, create a website/blog, change careers, get into better shape, end a relationship, look for that special someone, have that difficult conversation or just do something new, then you can probably relate to today’s phrase. So, how do you take action and implement change? What is your change style?

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