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18 Health Benefits to Physical Activity!


There are at least 18 good reasons as to why you need, if you already haven’t, to include physical activity to your daily routine, beginning today and going forward for the rest of your life.  I know, you are a busy executive, entrepreneur or business leader and you don’t have the time; please take a moment to read the list and follow the exercise found below the list and let me know if you still don’t have the time and why. 

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A Great Resistance-Band Workout!

If you are a veteran of the gym and looking to try something different to maintain or improve your health and wellness, new to exercise or a busy executive, I suggest trying resistance-bands.  I just started doing a resistance-band routine and I find it enjoying and a great break from traditional resistance training.  In fact, I am pleasantly surprised by how effective the bands are in improving my range of motion and core!

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