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Health and Wellness: When Is Play a Good Thing?

Play, Key to health and wellness
Hey you, play time…you’re not getting any younger!

Here is a rather funny twelve-minute TED Talk conducted by Charlie Todd the creator of Improv Everywhere, a group that creates absurd and joyful public scenes. Laughter is indeed great preventive medicine for the mind, body and spirit.  Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and watch!  Oh, by the way, when is play a good thing? Continue reading

Weight Loss Myths and Facts:Vegetarian diets mean weight loss and better health

Vegetarian Weight Loss PlanBest Weight Loss Diet Plan Myth 4B: A Vegetarian diet means you are sure to lose weight and be healthier.

Myth = As in non-vegetarian diets, vegetarian diets have their own set of challenges to nutritional adequacy. Nutrients that non-vegetarians normally consume from animal products may not always be found in a vegetarian eating plan. Additionally, vegetarians, just as non-vegetarians, can make poor food choices for weight loss and are not immune to being overweight.  Continue reading

Myths and Facts to Successful Weight Loss: Carbohydrates are bad for your diet plan.

Good weight loss diet plans include carbohydrates.Carbohydrates Myth 3A: Carbohydrates are bad for your diet.

Myth = It used to be fat that got the bad rap many years ago and now its carbohydrates taking the finger-pointing when to comes to our being overweight.  When trying to lose weight, be mindful of the kinds of carbohydrates we are eating and of course, how much we are eating. That doesn’t mean we should ban all carbohydrates from our weight loss diet plan. Continue reading