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How to Create Your Own Powerful List of Values Part III, a Fundamental of Leadership.

As an executive health and wellness coach whose methodology includes identifying and understanding one’s core values, strengths and purpose, I thought why not write about the subject of values. The idea of honoring and trusting one’s values and using them as a personal rudder, steering oneself in the right direction day in and day out is not a new fundamental of leadership; however, like any good fundamental, successful people go back to them during times of imbalance.  Many of the techniques and exercises below are as a result of my training with Adler Learning International.

Today is Part III the final of the 3 part series on How to Create Your Own Powerful List of Values that are meaningful to you, and only you.

Part III involves working with the values list you created in Part I and II.   Specifically, you will rank your values, identify which ones are currently being honored and implement specific actions to honor those core values you may have ignored.  Finally, you will have specific queries to use when its time to make those tough decisions going forward.  Continue reading