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Myths and Facts to Successful Weight Loss: Carbohydrates are bad for your diet plan.

Good weight loss diet plans include carbohydrates.Carbohydrates Myth 3A: Carbohydrates are bad for your diet.

Myth = It used to be fat that got the bad rap many years ago and now its carbohydrates taking the finger-pointing when to comes to our being overweight.  When trying to lose weight, be mindful of the kinds of carbohydrates we are eating and of course, how much we are eating. That doesn’t mean we should ban all carbohydrates from our weight loss diet plan. Continue reading

Myths and Facts to Successful Weight Loss: All Natural fruit juices, as good as the piece of fruit itself.

Fruit Juice or Fruit, which to include in a good diet plan?Types of Food Myth 2E: All Natural fruit juices are as good as eating the entire piece of fruit itself.

Myth = Anytime a fruit has been condensed into a drink, the sugars are concentrated. This concentration of sugar increases the risk for consuming more calories and thus excess fat when compared to eating the natural whole fruit itself. Continue reading