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Networked Intelligence, Can It Help Your Organization?

In this 18 minute TED video entitled “Four Principles For The Open World,” Don Tapscott explains that the internet is today’s version of the printing press and feels hopeful about the future because it supports the growth of what he calls ‘networked intelligence.’

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Is Today’s Leadership Addicted to Risk?

Days before this TED talk entitled Addicted to Risk, journalist Naomi Klein was on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, looking at the catastrophic results of BP’s risky pursuit of oil. She argues that our societies have become addicted to extreme risk in finding new energy, new financial instruments and more … and too often, we’re left to clean up a mess afterward. Klein’s question: What’s the backup plan?

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Hey, Investment Industry, Greed is Good?

Cover of "Wall Street (20th Anniversary E...
Cover of Wall Street (20th Anniversary Edition)

These are indeed interesting times for people in the investment industry and, in particular, for those of us who invest through a financial expert, be it an institution or personal advisor.   The famous phrase uttered by Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street  “greed, for lack of a better word, is good,” comes to mind at this moment.  However, who is being greedy, or just as importantly, who isn’t and is greed all that bad? Wow, this coming from a coach who listed all those wonderful principles on his website! Continue reading