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Myths and Facts to Successful Weight Loss: All Natural fruit juices, as good as the piece of fruit itself.

Fruit Juice or Fruit, which to include in a good diet plan?Types of Food Myth 2E: All Natural fruit juices are as good as eating the entire piece of fruit itself.

Myth = Anytime a fruit has been condensed into a drink, the sugars are concentrated. This concentration of sugar increases the risk for consuming more calories and thus excess fat when compared to eating the natural whole fruit itself. Continue reading

Too Much Information, Is This Adding To Our Stress?

In this TED Talk entitled “Will Our Kids Be a Different Species?”  Juan Enriquez  creates awareness around the idea that our brains may be evolving more rapidly than in any other time in our evolution; this may be due to the fact that we are trying to take-in as much data in a day than people used to take-in during a lifetime.  Can this explain the source of some of our stress?

Please check out Juan’s presentation and let me know what you think!

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