Myths and Facts To Successful Weight Loss: Trans Fats are the most unhealthy fat and should be avoided.

"No Trans Fat Here!"Types of Food Myth 2D: Trans Fats are the most unhealthy fat and should be avoided.

Fact = Your diet plan must avoid Trans fats as much as possible, because they raise your bad cholesterol or LDL and are not heart healthy.  They also tend to lower the good cholesterol or HDL in your blood.  Trans fat is in many processed foods made with shortening or with partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated vegetable oils.

I know that most of us will cringe when you see the following processed foods you need to limit or stay away from , foods like cookies, crackers, French fries, potato chips, pastries, cakes, ice cream etc.  The next time you are at your local grocery store,  look for Trans Fat on the nutritional fact label of you favourite packaged goods to help you with your diet plan.  Does that help?

Our body needs essential fatty acids for health. All the concerns about dietary fat should be related to excessive consumption and type.  We need a minimum of fat each day, approximately 30% of dietary calories and no more that 10% as saturated fat. Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats tend to reduce cholesterol while saturated and Trans fats raise cholesterol.

I would suggest including heart healthy sources of fat like fish, fish oil, avocados, olives, olive oil, coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil (good for high temperature cooking) and flax oil to diet plan.

"Health and Wellness Tips to Live By"My Personal Common Sense Weight Loss Tip:  Remember that restaurants often use hydrogenated oils for frying foods, so be sure to limit fried foods when you eat out.

Action Step to Successful Weight Loss: Apply Pareto’s Law also popularly called the 80/20 Principal to your diet plan when it comes to your selection of processed foods filled with saturated and trans fat. That means that out of every 21 meals per week, you can devilishly have 4 meals that include your favourite processed foods filled with saturated/trans fats. This law should be included in all diet plans.

And as always, feel free to reach out and suggest a myth to successful weight loss you may want clarified. I look forward to your feedback and words of wisdom.

Wednesday’s Myths/Facts Types of Food 2E: All natural fruit juices are not as good for you as eating the piece of fruit itself.

I have your back, we become what we think about!

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