How to Create Your Own Powerful List of Values Part II, a Fundamental of Leadership.

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As an executive health and wellness coach whose methodology includes identifying and understanding one’s core values, strengths and purpose, I thought why not write about the subject of values. The idea of honoring and trusting one’s values and using them as a personal rudder, steering oneself in the right direction day in and day out is not a new fundamental of leadership; however, like any good fundamental, successful people go back to them during times of imbalance.  Many of the techniques and exercises below are as a result of my training with Adler Learning International.

Today is Part II of a 3 part series on How to Create Your Own Powerful List of Values that are meaningful to you, and only you.  We will look at adding to your current list of values you created in Part I by working with a Values List.

Before You Begin

Now, before we continue, if you have between 6 to 10 values you feel comfortable with, you have the option to skip Part II and go directly to Part III.  However, there is no harm in adding to your list by completing Part II, just be mindful that we will be asking you to prioritize your list in Part III.

Once again, before you continue doing this important work, I want to take this opportunity and acknowledge you for your commitment and courage in getting to know yourself better and becoming your best self, enjoy!

As always, before you begin this exercise, I encourage you to review your current list of values and then take a quick peek at Goleman’s (Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition; Why It Can Matter More Than IQ)  explanation on values once again. Second, block out about an hour or so on your schedule when you find you are at your creative best. Perhaps its early on a weekend morning, or late at night when all is quiet, whatever works best for you. It’s important to be in a peaceful frame of mind and in a ,quiet area.

Now assuming you are in a good place, physically relaxed, mentally focused and spiritually calm let’s begin Part II.

Part II: Exercise Around Creating a list of Values Using a Values List

Here is a list of sample words and phrases to describe values:

    • Accomplishment | Give of Myself | Power
    • Achievement | Happiness | Privacy/Solitude
    • Adventure | Hard Work | Quality
    • Aesthetics/Beauty | Harmony of Talk/Action | Reach for the Stars
    • Affection | Health | Recognition
    • Altruism | Helping | Reliability
    • Autonomy | Helping Less Fortunate | Respect
    • Caring | Honesty | Revolution
    • Challenge | Humor | Risk Taking/Daring
    • Clarity | Inclusivity | Romance/Magic
    • Commitment | Independence | Safety
    • Community | Inner Harmony | Saving/Investing
    • Competition | Innovation | Security
    • Completion | Integrity | Seek Truth
    • Connecting/Bonding | Interesting Experiences | Self-Control
    • Creativity | Intimacy | Self-Esteem
    • Do Good | Inventing | Self-Expression
    • Do the Right Thing | Joy | Self-reliance
    • Do Things My Way | Justice | Self-respect
    • Elegance | Keep Things the Same | Sensuality
    • Emotional Health | Leadership | Service/Contribution
    • Empowerment | Learning | Setting an Example
    • Enlightenment | Leisure Time | Simplicity
    • Entrepreneurship | Look Good | Socializing
    • Environment | Love | Social Advancement
    • Equality | Loyalty | Solving Problems
    • Equity | Make Money | Spiritual Development
    • Esteem (of others) | Marriage | Spirituality
    • Excellence | Mastery | Spontaneity/Improvisation
    • Excitement | Nature | Strength
    • Fame | Nurturing | Synergy
    • Family Happiness | Openness | Team Spirit
    • Feel Good | Opportunity | Trust
    • Financial Security | Order | Truth
    • Fix Broken Things or Systems | Orderliness/Accuracy | Uniqueness
    • Forward the Action | Partnership | Using My Talents
    • Frankness | Peace | Vitality
    • Freedom | Perseverance | Wealth
    • Friendship | Personal Appearance | Winning
    • Fulfillment | Personal Growth | Wisdom
    • Fun/Laughter | Play/Playfulness | Vitality/Aliveness
    • Getting Ahead | Pleasure

When working with a list of values you need to explore your choices more fully by asking the following:

    • What of these truly resonates with you?
    • When and where in your life have you “felt” this value?
    • What is it like when this value is violated?
    • What is it like when this value is honored?
    • How and where does this value show up in your life right now?

Please note that clarifying your values is not a one-time event.  Greater clarity around values will show up as you work and live over time.  Therefore, being aware of your values and mindful of those moments when they are being violated or honored or when you are violating or honoring them is an ongoing part of being a great leader.

Congratulations, you have completed Part II!

Now that you have identified a number of values, Part III involves working with that list to get a better understanding of: what values are most important, how are you currently honoring them, how are they showing up  (or not showing up) for you today and what are the next steps you need to take to adjust your lifestyle and honor your core values more fully?

As always, I invite you to share your successes, questions and comments. And given the importance of this exercise, I encourage you to reach out to me directly using the Contact Window, I am here to help you be successful!

We become what we think about!

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