A Great Resistance-Band Workout!

If you are a veteran of the gym and looking to try something different to maintain or improve your health and wellness, new to exercise or a busy executive, I suggest trying resistance-bands.  I just started doing a resistance-band routine and I find it enjoying and a great break from traditional resistance training.  In fact, I am pleasantly surprised by how effective the bands are in improving my range of motion and core!

During my Nutrition and Wellness Specialist Certification at Can-Fit-Pro, Karen Soper, our instructor provided the group with a great resistance-band workout, please click on Real Simple Resistance-Band Routine to get to the Real Simple website or click on Resistance_Band Workout for a PDF of it.

Now guys, you will see that this workout is marketed to women, don’t let that fool you.  Not only is this routine great for increasing your range of motion and getting those joints a little more mobile, it does a wonderful job of building your shoulders, back,  and core.  I suggest doing this routine and immediately following it up with a good cardiovascular workout.

Frequency:… 2 to 3 times per week, for 4 to 6 weeks, 3 circuits per workout, 20 reps per exercise…I strongly suggest warming up first for 5 to 8 minutes, this gets that blood flow going which ensures a more effective workout and can prevent injury. Follow the routine with some static stretching for a good cool down.  

Intensity:  …during each exercise, you should have enough tension on the band to complete the 20 reps with good form (always good to workout in front of a mirror) and yet not feel like you could do another 10 reps. Keep the pace up for a better cardiovascular workout!

I strongly suggest purchasing a heart rate monitor to make sure you are indeed working within your target heart rate zone.  I am currently using the Timex IronMan Road Trainer Fitness Edition.  (Please note that at the time of writing, I do not receive any financial compensation from Timex Group USA, I am just trying to help you become fitter in the quickest and safest way possible.)

Time: Complete the 6 exercises one after another, that’s one circuit,  have a 1 minute to 90 second break in between each circuit and don’t forget to hydrate.

Oh, and one final important note, always consult your doctor prior to beginning any health and wellness exercise program.

As always, I do appreciate any questions or feedback!  It would be really great to learn about your results or share a resistance-band routine you enjoy.

I have your health and wellness back.

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