Health and Wellness: When Is Play a Good Thing?

Play, Key to health and wellness
Hey you, play time…you’re not getting any younger!

Here is a rather funny twelve-minute TED Talk conducted by Charlie Todd the creator of Improv Everywhere, a group that creates absurd and joyful public scenes. Laughter is indeed great preventive medicine for the mind, body and spirit.  Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and watch!  Oh, by the way, when is play a good thing?

Please press the following link if you aren’t able to view the video: The Shared Experience of Absurdity

One of the keys to our long-term health and wellness is our ability to manage stress.  And what better way to reduce cortisol production than to take an “adult time out” and play. Better yet, find a partner or group (family) and share the play experience with others.

Besides vacations, when was the last time you took an afternoon or an entire day off to play? Did you sleep better that night? How did you feel the next day? Were you more energized? Were you more relaxed and pleasant to be around? Did you come up with a creative idea to address a long time challenge?Have you scheduled your next play date? If not, what are you waiting for?

I encourage you to play more and work less to improve your health and wellness. And remember, as long as no one loses an eye, there is no right or wrong way to play.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

I have your back.

We become what we think about!

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