Everyday Leadership: When was Your Last Lollipop Moment?

Everyday LeadershipAre you comfortable calling yourself a leader?

What is everyday leadership?

I am always curious to learn how others define leadership. I believe that for most of us, its much easier to witness leadership and identify leaders than is it to define it.

This TED video with Drew Dudley entitled “Everyday Leadership” challenges our notion of what leadership is and asks each one of us to use our own everyday leadership capabilities more often, please check it out, the video!

Click here to watch video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/hVCBrkrFrBE

Leadership is more than titles, influence and money.  We tend to identify leadership in terms of those who have defining moments that “change the world.” Why, what about everyday leadership?

Is it time to expect more leadership from ourselves and those around us for so-called “everyday” moments that happen over and over again? Opportunities when a word, look, conversation, act and even our presence can have a positive impact on a family member, neighbour, friend, stranger, group or community.

Questions to Reflect On

    1. After viewing this video, has the definition of leadership changed for you?
    2. Is everyday leadership part of who you are?
    3. Who would you like to acknowledge for creating a lollipop moment in your life?
    4. How and when will you let them know?

I would really enjoy your feedback!

I have your back.

We become what we think about.

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