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Weight Loss Myths and Facts: Eat Many Small Meals Rather Than Three Big Meals

Meal Times Myth 1A: Eat Many Small Meals Rather Than Three Big Meals

Debate = Many small meals, as opposed to three meals, is supposed to enhance weight loss by making you feel full for longer.  In a technical sense, this is supposed to prevent blood glucose from dipping low in between meals, which may cause you to become
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Five Part Series: Weight Loss Myths and Facts

I often have really interesting conversations with family, friends and people I meet  about the big picture strategies and the challenges around adopting the health and wellness lifestyle.  I have learned through these conversations that we all want good health, that is indeed obvious, however, we are confused as to what good health is (it really isn’t the absence of poor health,) what are the good health and wellness habits one needs to adopt and how does one adopt these habits and still enjoy life (I am not sure why these are mutually exclusive.)

Invariably though, the conversation will meander to weight loss strategies, so I have put together a 5 part series entitled “Myths and Facts about Weight Loss.”  Here are the 5 parts to the series:

  1. Meal Times
  2. Types of Food
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Weight Loss Diets
  5. Habits and Belief Systems  

We will tackle one myth/fact a day for the next 22 days, in the meantime, feel free to share any myths or facts you would like addressed and I can add them to the series.

As well, I suggest you make sure to sign up for the RSS Feed by Feedburner found on the top right hand corner of this page so you don’t miss on any of this helpful information on weight loss.

And as always, I look forward to your feedback and words of wisdom.

Tomorrow’s Myths/Facts Meal TimesEat Many Small Meals Rather Than Three Big Meals 

We become what we think about!

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5 Tips For Healthier Summer Grilling


Beef and Corn on a Charcoal BBQ grill
Beef and Corn on a Charcoal BBQ grill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kelly Bonanno wrote the following article you are about to read.  I have been barbecuing more than usual this summer and came across a burger recipe that suggested cooking the burgers at a lower temperature.  Needless to say, not only do the burgers turn out fantastic, I don’t get to hear “Rob, my burger is burnt, do you happen to have another one I can eat that doesn’t look like a hockey puck?”  In this article, Kelly provides some useful tips and explains why barbecuing meat at a lower temperature is healthy for you.  Please enjoy the article, barbecuing and of course, your summer! Cheers! Rob

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