About Me

The Colombo of Health and Wellness Coaching
“Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations.” Leo Buscaglia

My Mission

Inspiring the world in leading a healthy lifestyle set against a backdrop of meaning and gratitude; redefining healthy aging.

Why am I Different?

I am truly passionate about living a healthy lifestyle because it supports me in being my best self today and for years to come (healthy aging.)


Part of being my best includes inspiring, teaching and coaching. I have a great sense of responsibility to share what I know about health and to create awareness and change for those who are seeking it.


My greatest assets are my heart and my future-mindedness.


The modesty and humility are real.


I am a life-long learner and I value transparency.


I got here today because I witnessed the passing of both my parents at what I would consider a young age, my mom in 1993 at the age of 63 and dad at 70.


Thankfully, I held my mom’s hand as she took her final breath and ten years later, I was talking to dad as his eyes closed forever.


They both passed away as a result of cancer.


I was 31 when my mom passed away, today, at the age of 50, I can still hear her calling me “Robbie” with unconditional love and that classic way Italians roll their r’s.


And dad, well, I remember his strong callused hands, hands that belonged to a super hero.


Mom and dad have inspired me to take a chance, and follow my dreams and hopefully inspire others to stay on this wonderful planet longer than they did by being mindful of living a healthly lifestyle.

How am I different?

I am my own personal guinea pig.


I know personal change is only possible when accompanied with desire and enthusiasm.


I believe in wholeness over compartmentalization.


Any action, achievement or solution based on fear is not sustainable.


I am not Anthony Robbins, thanks for asking; actually, I am more the Colombo of Coaching.


Your reality is my content, the rest can be googled.


Simplicity is heaven, be mindful of the fundamentals; ok, less is more.


I enjoy difficult conversations; intimacy, authenticity and responsibility will ensure the right outcome.


A sense of humour and the ability to laugh at oneself nourishes the soul.


I am mindful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.


One more thing, I know that if we work together, I will provoke you to remember who you are.


Oh, one final thing, when the student is ready, the teacher and coach will indeed appear.



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